This is a personal blog to an aspiring musician, actress, and dancer: ME! I'm currently a junior and am very involved in activities at my school. In this blog I'll talk about those things, post pictures, ect!

I sit here feeling lonely and I have no one to blame, but myself. I’ve let people go that honestly wanted to show their affection towards me or make me feel special. I tell myself that I want to be lonely because I don’t have time for a relationship; that my career is more important or that they wouldn’t last anyway. Well, the truth is I’m lying to myself, as well as everybody else who thinks this way. I don’t want to feel lonely, but I do. I sometimes long for somebodys touch so much that I’d break the moral promises to myself that I’ve kept for years.

Half of Bellevue lost power.


Base housing didn’t (‘:

Oh no! I hope my dad didn’t! I’m in Lincoln, so Idk if they did. Then again, I guess I could call..

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